Mark Hatcher

Mark Hatcher’s roots go way back in Western Kentucky. His love for the outdoors started at the young age of 5 when he got to tag along with his dad, “Pop”, on many squirrel and rabbit hunts. His passion for hunting began and has been the backbone of many of his career choices. Through guiding, outfitting and mouth calling wild game, Mark found that many local and out of state people wanted their own place to hunt in Kentucky. This was the beginning of his lifetime goal of finding properties to upgrade and then pass along to those looking for that perfect hunting farm. Along the way, he has worked with many government wildlife agencies to improve wildlife habitat. This now includes converting raw ground into farmland. Throughout his 35 year career, he has hosted events for Huntin’ for Heroes, hosted and co-hosted several TV hunting shows, and has networked with many veterans and celebrities on various projects for hunting and fishing.


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Relationship Driven

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